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Broadcast 5: Wednesday 13 July 2022

This broadcast will be available to listen on SoundCloud from 1pm

Vocal Recall is a listening and speaking event about reading to yourself and others.

This broadcast is an asynchronous partner piece to the in-person workshop of the same name taking place at Sheffield Hallam Fine Art Project Space, S1 Artspace, as part of Whispering Shouting Touching Passing.


(scroll down for archives of previous broadcasts)

Broadcast 4: Wednesday 13 October 2021 7pm-8.45pm

This Broadcast has now been archived for you to listen again on SoundCloud

Ligatures is a spoken word event collaboration between oHPo Radio at Sheffield Hallam University Department of Art & Design, Soft-Shell Radio at Glasgow School of Art, and Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow, featuring work from students and alumni from the MLitt Art Writing at GSA, the MA Creative Writing at UoG, and the MFA Fine Art, MA Creative Writing, and the Culture and Creative Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam. Writing and language practices have a long history of transcending the boundaries of institutional disciplines and genre categories, and we see Ligatures as a celebration of this unruly lineage. We would like to thank Donald Butler (GSA) for hosting this event.




1.15 Max Munday (SHU) / 3.18 Frankie Mullen (SHU) / 8.09 Sophie Parkes-Nield (SHU) / 12.30 Misa Brzezicki & Sara O’Brien (GSA) / 18.08 Toby Goodwin (UoG) / 24.36 Alice Wadkin (GSA) / 28.38 Jeremy Hawkins (UoG) / 32.39 Lucy Wilkinson (UoG) / 36.45 Lydia Swinney (SHU) / 38.57 Megan Rudden (GSA) / 45.12 Mojisola Bakare (UoG) / 50.13 Jen Martin (GSA) / 54.23 Shehzar Doja (UoG) / 57.26 Phil Waterworth (SHU) / 1.1.42 Morgan Williams (GSA) / 1.5.27 Caitlin Merrett-King (GSA) / 1.12.22 Laura Maria Alonso Castro / 1.16.35 Michael Swindells (SHU) / 1.23.50 Enxhi Mandija (GSA) / 1.28.02 Rachel Smith (SHU alumni) / 1.33.20 Allison Nicole Blackley (GSA) / Erin Gannon (UoG)


Broadcast 3: Wednesday 23 June 2021 7pm-8:05pm

This Broadcast has now been archived for you to listen again on SoundCloud

Coarticulates unite to form a joint, articulate together. A series of new audio works from researchers across SHU and beyond featuring Emma Bolland, Julia Calver, Roland van Dierendonck, Joanna Dobson & Julia Schauerman, Erin Kavanagh, Max Munday and Hannah Taylor. Click on the Mixlr panel to the right to listen live at 7pm on the 23 June.

Running order:

Hannah Taylor

- Looking for Ballcross Hillfort (2:49-12:37)

Max Munday

- Between Bodies (12:37-16:38)

Julia Calver

- Eye Contacts (16:40-20:19)

Joanna Dobson & Julia Schauerman

- Mosaic Conversations or "Is your microphone turned on?" (20:19-29:42)

Roland van Dierendonck

- Chronomicroscopy Radio (29:42-43:17)

Erin Kavanagh

- Swim (43:18-46:23)

Emma Bolland

- Excerpts (46:23-1:02:13)

Coarticulates is a search for a hillfort near Bakewell, exploring feelings of place, connection and movement. Leaning in to hum other bodies, anticipation and concentration find form in gulps, sniffs, strings, crouches and back ache. Night sounds trawled by spectrogram are worked by voice. It documents the early days of creative endeavours, capturing some of the obstacles presented by the first lockdown in 2020 and explores the nature of a collaborative relationship. Is a sound poem. Is music, microbe motions and poetry. Is a collection of fragments from the research project Scripting Silence, which uses methods of expanded translation in relation to silent era screenplays to explore modes of speaking and silencing trauma, particularly in psychiatric settings.

The programme features researchers based within the Culture and Creativity Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University from the Art, Design and Media Research Centre, the Humanities Research Centre and Lab4Living, and from the University of Sheffield Sound House.


Broadcast 2: Wednesday 9 June 2021 7—7.20pm

This Broadcast has now been archived for you to listen again on SoundCloud

Interludes: Pictures from an Exhibition is a collage of sound and conversation recorded at  Interludethe MFA Fine Art degree show at Sheffield Hallam University, hosted by S1 ArtSpace. Interlude features work by Lauren Clarke, Will Harrison, and Phil WaterworthBook your free slot to visit the exhibition.



Broadcast 1: Wednesday 21 April 2021 7—7.40pm

This Broadcast has now been archived for you to listen again on SoundCloud

Adaptive Technologies is a suite of five works by Phil Waterworth:

  • Reckless Bonfires: notes towards an understanding of the studio

  • To Do List

  • Reading List

  • An Inventory

  • (re)Site(al) Sheffield City Centre

These works explore the intersections of digital voice recognition software technologies and class as manifested by a northern accent, and of the physical adaptive technology of the wheelchair and disabled access to space. The sounds of wheels negotiating the surfaces of the city are an analogue mirror of the voice recognition programme negotiating spoken words.

Phil Waterworth is an interdisciplinary artist currently studying on the Master of Fine Arts course at Sheffield Hallam University.

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